FastLook! Main Window


Capture VDA files or AVI files. VDA is much faster. Grab a bitmap during viewing or during playback – see viewing VDA files elsewhere in this help file.


A box may be draw to select a region of interest (ROI) that will be captured when saving video. Frame rates can be much faster when small ROIs are selected. After a box is drawn, and the mouse button is released, the “Check max fps” checkbox is automatically set and a one second simulated video collection is made with the maximum rate and frame time period displayed. Check the box again to see how fast the capture rate is for any already drawn box. Simply press the left mouse button down on the screen to erase the box and return to full screen collection mode. The max fps will be displayed for full screen. You can reduce or increase the viewed image by changing the scale. Video collection is always done with display disabled. By using binning (set in the control Panel), and small ROI, fast video collections can be made.