The Quick Note window allows you to make quick note entries into the log file, and if CC save is on have graphical displays (green bars) of the note in the CC data window which will open up to show the text when the mouse is moved over the bars (see CC window below). Quick Note files are stored in the application subdirectory <\quicknotes>. The file <quick_notes.txt>  contains a list of notes (one per line) that will automatically load into the Quick Note window. Selecting an item by mouse double click or by pressing <enter> will load the text into the log (see log window below). If the item has the extension <.txt>, it is treated as a text file, and all text in that file is loaded into the log. For example, at the beginning of the day you could insert the methods, solutions, etc. into the log by double clicking on the appropriate text file item.

At the bottom of the window is a text entry field where you can write any thing and by pressing the command button insert the text into the log.