Data Load

Info button toggles information for all files located in the data directory, for example time, protocol, clk, Rs, Rm etc. Select Export to Integer format to convert from floating point to integer data (saved in same directory with “.dat” extension). Plots data as saving. Loadable in Axon Clampfit or Synaptosoft Mini Analysis programs.

Auto plotting or printing is done for a group of abf files; scales can be fixed and set in plot window prior to output; if the selected data files are two sine Cm collections, the plotted or printed parameter will be the one selected prior to output. By default the saved calibration data for 2 sine files are loaded (calib checkboc checked). Uncheck it to use the calib files already loaded. Axon ABF and DAT files can be loaded. Extensions can also be PDF, and if selected, Acrobat or reader will be opened with the selected file displayed. Use this to looked at scanned lab notebooks for each day.

Press search button to open ABF search engine.

View Ini file used when abf file was written. Ini file saved with abf file. Loadable from Data Load window (select file type as abf[ini]). Opened in IniEditor and saved in data directory. Each ini check resets data load file type to abf.