image001Grabbingimages in the Look! Window saves image files to the day’s data directory (bitmap format as a note file, *.not; rename it to *.bmp to open in any image editor or view it in jClamp’s VidClip image viewer accessible in the Analysis Window). The VidClip viewer can be opened in Analysis mode by pressing the VidClip button.  Linear measurements can be made with the mouse after calibrating X and Y pixels per unit. Always save a calibration image (known X and Y magnitudes) that can be used to do the calibration. Press the Cal button then drag the mouse vertically along the known length of the calibration image. Upon mouse release a window prompts for Y image size; enter and click OK. Then drag horizontally over the known width of the calibration image.  Upon mouse release a window prompts for X image size; enter and click OK. A prompt for units appears; enter units and click OK. Place the mouse over the Cal button and the calibration information is shown in the information panel at the bottom of the main jClamp window. Help for other buttons is available by moving over the other buttons. These values can be entered into the ini file for automatic loading. This is useful if the scale of the video capture remains the same day to day. Otherwise recalibrate daily for proper readings.