File types

Protocol Files

*.prm    -           these are protocol files that are built and saved in the Build utility window. They are the basic file type used to collect episodic data (producing *.abf data files) and also to measure membrane capacitance with 2 sine voltage stimuli (*.dcm data files automatically extracted from the *.abf files).

*.cmt    -           capacitance tracking or gap-free parameter files that define the voltage delivery and acquisition parameters for a time limited collection. The amount of time allowed is limited for both types of collections since the intended use is for simultaneous output and input where the output command must be confined to a limited array size.  In the case of the Axon 1200A board, longer times are allowed than with the other boards.

Utility Files

*.scp    -           these are ascii script files that can essentially run an experiment by sequentially performing a host of commands listed in the help file.

*.rpd     -           these are ascii files that contain a list (up to 20) of the names of protocol (*.prm), script (*.scp), and capacitance tracking or gap free (*.cmt) files.  In the RPD window, these can be executed by a button or key press.

*.scn    -           automatically generated screen arrangement file types.  Created and utilized with Screen Shot utility.

*.ana   -           analysis script file in ascii. Commands are listed in the help file.

*.uad    -           user analysis directory of analysis script file names in ascii. This directory is used in the Result Window to assign buttons to the individual listed scripts. The buttons are accessed by arrowing down on the up/down control at the lower left in the Results Window.

*.fit -                ASCII text files of user equations for fitting data traces. See Fitting section.

Data Files

*.abf     -           data files saved after running a protocol (*.prm) file. The file types are Axon compatible and loadable in their programs, as long as Axon maintains compatibility with their earlier ABF version. This filetype is also used to save gap-free data, when gap-free saving checkbox is enabled.

*.dcm   -           extracted (from the associated *.abf file) capacitance data files that are opened and viewed with the CC data plot window. After version 5.3.0, cm cal file is appended. The dcm save file checkbox must be enabled in the ini file under History Tab for files to be generated. DCM files can be generated from abf files in the FileMath window.

*.cm     -           capacitance tracking data files that are opened and viewed with the CC data plot window. Text (ascii) or binay set in inifile.

*.cal     -           capacitance tracking calibration files. Text file. See Cm Tracking. .

*.cc      -           Cell Censor data that is collected when save is enabled in the cell censor window – all parameters, e.g., Rs, Rm Cm etc are saved.  These data files that are opened and viewed with the CC data plot window. Text or binay set in inifile

*.not     -           these are note files that can be audio, video, or text. If collected during saving of CC data (*.cc) then markers are visible in the CC data plot window that allow viewing upon clicking the marker. Also accessible from the logger window. Otherwise, the appropriate viewing window must be opened from the CC window.