Automatic updates:

If your computer is connected to the internet, jClamp, when run, will automatically check for new updates on the web (currently at if enabled in the ini file under the Script Tab. Installation of new versions is also automatic. There may be either of two kinds of updates – a full update which requires running a Microsoft MSI installation file (if you do it manually then you first run the file to uninstall the last jClamp version and then run again to install the new jClamp version), or a quickie update which only replaces the <jclamp32.exe> executable file with other files, as needed. The update files are now named with version number – the quickie file will have the form <jc_exe.v.21.10.12.exe> and should placed in the jClamp32 directory for extraction, and the full MSI file with the form <jClamp32_v21.10.2.msi> should be saved to the <jc_msi> directory under the jClamp32 directory. If you update automatically from the web the files are downloaded in the appropriate directories and run automatically.

You may turn off checking for updates in the ini file under the History tab, but will still be offered the opportunity to check for updates in the Identity Window when jClamp starts or in the About windows accessible from the popup Bar menu at extreme left movement of the mouse.

Manual updating.

Upgrading to a new version is simple with the Microsoft installer. Download the msi file into a directory on your hard drive, say, ... /jclamp32/jc_msi/.

jClamp installation file (double clicking on this file will install or upgrade [or repair]  jClamp)


To install a new version double click on the jclamp32.msi file and remove the old version first. Then double click on it again and install the new version.  All files that are initially delivered with jClamp, e.g. jclamp.ini, and parameter files, are replaced; so if you use those (which you shouldn’t – make your own with new names) make backups. The jClamp32.lic is not replaced! If your hardware license, your_name.lic is in the jClamp directory it will not be touched, and it can be copied and renamed anytime to jclamp32.lic. You can keep a back up store of the msi versions for safety, as the automatic installation does in  /jclamp32/jc_msi/.

special files for installation on old Win95 machines may be obtained by email to me.