Jcreadme.txt   -- This is a new method for communicating with a jClamper during experiments without interference during recording. A text file named "jcreadme.txt" can be placed in the jClamp32 directory at any time, e.g., remotely via network. This note will pop up at the start of jClamp or, if jClamp is running, when the Cell Censor is turned off. The note can be printed prior to exiting the window. Upon exiting, the file is deleted, but the information is stored in the file "jcreadme.bak".

Additionally, if a text message is present, the audio file named <jcreadme.wav> located in the jClamp <sounds> directory will be played. You can record your own audio message (using Windows sound recorder, for example) along with the text message or just play a notification sound when the text message opens. Just rename your recorded wav file to <jcreadme.wav> and place in the <sounds> directory.

A separate Audio program (jc_audio.exe)  for recording/playing MS wav audio files, which can be played during script execution now, since Windows Vista does not include one. Located in the jClamp directory.

It is a good way to remind yourself or another jClamper of something important!