View VDA files

The default directory is C:\fastlook_data.  Select a file to view from the menu and a Open file dialog window will open allowing you to navigate and select a file.

You can write an already opened VDA file to AVI format at the FPS rate set in the AVI Control panel.

You can export to ImageJ (see ImageJ Section in this help file).

Click on Player to open video player window.

Open file and view.

Press up/down buttons to scroll through frames. Press play button < or > to play backward or forward at the desired, entered frame rate.

If frame are marked during recording, when playing, a green box will display when frame is selected. Shift down on forward or reverse buttons to scroll to marked frames.

During real-time viewing or playing you can do some rudimentary measures, such as plot a line or box intensity profile, or measure intensity of select points  – see measure tab in Control Panel.

Right click and drag to place red, green, blue, yellow, and orange areas to measure. Double left click on them to remove. One click on them to move, another click to set.  Shift down, left mouse button down and drag to draw line (thickness set in Control Window). Control Window has plotting and disk output options.

Simple left mouse button down and drag to draw box.

Scale video by dragging window to larger size.