Control Panel

Auto save is default. If unchecked you will be asked for a filename to save to.

In the Main Tab you can:

Set the capture length

Set capture length to equal frames

Set capture length to equal time in seconds

Set time out to wait for hardware trigger. If exceeded capture is halted but file is saved.

Set fixed frame rate

disk_stream_on -- when capturing video stream directly to disk. May be slower than to memory.

disk_stream_off -- when capturing video stream directly to memory before writing to disk

autogain --push autogain button to automaically set gain for proper viewing - see camera instructions

autoexposure -- push autoexposure button to automatically set exposure time for proper viewing - see camera instructions

bitdepth8 -- set bitdepth to 8 bit (denoted by 0 in file header)

bitdepth12 -- set bitdepth to 12 bit (denoted by 1 in file header)

savebox_on -- save only that area of screen within a drawn box

savebox_off -- save whole screen

showbox_on -- show only that portion of the screen that is within the box

showbox_off -- show whole screen

movie_trig_on -- set whole movie capture (possibly consisting of many frames) to occur when hardware trigger is sent to camera trigger input

movie_trig_off -- disable movie trigger

frame_trig_on -- set single frame capture to occur with each trigger input until number of desired frames is acheived.

frame_trig_off -- set frame trigger off

fixed_rate_on -- set capture to occur at fixed frame rates This will be limited by Windows

fixed_rate_off -- no fixed frame rate speed will occur at maximum rate permited by software in Windows.

set_frame_sec -- set fixed frame rate in terms of time - duration of frame.

set_frame_fps -- set fixed frame rate in terms of FPS (frames per second).

The default directory for VDA files is “c:\fastlook_data\” plus the day’s date (e.g., see below). The directory can be changed here in FastLook or in the ini file at program startup (see ini file section in this help file). Thus, each user can set his/her own user directory.

When FastLook is used in conjunction with jClamp, jClamp control the data directory path directly. Communication with jClamp is via background polling.

Description: Description: new_control_main.jpg

Calibrate check box will show two flashing white lines 100 pixels apart. Determine the actual size and place distance and units to be saved with VDA files.

Simple measurements to plot line or box profiles or average of marked areas (RGB plot). Export VDA video files to ImageJ to do sophisticated image analysis.

Delta length and save data are jClamp only features.

During image capture you can enable viewing of live images at entered frame rates. Uncheck box for best high speed capture results.

If Frame marker is set a pop up window will appear during recording to allow a button press to mark the frame for future identification in the video player. Can be set in ini file.

You can view the header information of VDA files that are being viewed.

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You can overlay text on the video and save to bitmap. Playback frame rate for AVI export is set here.

Description: Description: control_avi.jpg

You can set or view camera properties in the other Tabs of the Control Panel.

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