Model Cell

Cpip is pipette stray capacitance and Rpip is the resistance in series with Cpip. Values of 5 each produce a transient current with tau of RC riding on top of the cell currents.

If Qmax>0 then a two-state Boltzmann is used to simulate a nonlinear capacitance in parallel with Cm.

Checking Vesicle switches to the model shown above. Gp is 1/Rp and Gv is 1/Rv. The standard model is shown in the Cm Tracking section.

If Param change is enabled then any one of the possible parameters is changed from Val1 (at Pt1) to Val2 (at Pt2). The value is ramped linearly from Val1 to Val2. The point values are the point numbers in the episode of a command protocol. So it is possible to simulate vesicle fusion during the measurement of capacitance (using eCm) by changing Gp between points Val1 and Val2. An example of this is shown in the Analysis section.