Rapid Parameter Directory

Allows instant data collection using the selected parameter file, or script file. Can be used during either Time or Frequency domain monitoring of cell parameters in the Cell Censor window. Parameter file text appears in black. Script file text appears in red. Press the key or click the mouse. Pressing <Ins> key opens and closes the window. The keys F1 thru F9 can also be pressed to initiate data collection without the RPD window being open. Keys 1 thru 9 must have the RPD window open. Data are saved automatically if auto save and auto filename are selected. After the data collection is complete, the holding potential is maintained at the final potential in the protocol (usually the command holding potential); however, if CC Censor is enabled the holding potential is set to the monitoring holding potential. Script file execution can be cancelled using the mouse to click on the cancel button or by pressing the <esc> key. A sample script file is illustrated below in the Script section (all commands are shown).

Use edit function to add new parameter file names to a rpd directory. Double click on an entry field and a file box opens to allow addition of a parameter file, script file, or CMT file to the RPD directory. In the file box window, use the extension selector to display each of the three types of files. Double click on the filename and it is inserted into the RPD field. It is also possible to save and load different RPD directories. RPD files are text files and have the extension <.rpd>; the file can also be edited in a text editor.